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Healthy Food Vending

Healthy food vending machines bring all-natural & nutritios snacks on the go. Our machines are stocked with local, organic, Vegan, & Gluten-free snacks from emerging health food companies as well as popular name brands. VendaTreat supplies healthy vending machine in Melbourne, ideal for schools & universities, hospitals, professional offices, & manufacturing facilities. Contact VendaTreat for a full product list.



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Vending Machine

Satisfy your company's hunger & thirst with a full service vending machine from VendaTreat. Whether you need a single machine or multiple machines placed at your company's locations throughtout the country managed under a single account, VendaTreat full service vending program is the answer. With full service vending there is no hassle whatsoever. All you do is provide the space for the machine. And the best part of all... IT'S FREE!

Fresh Bean Coffee Vending

Coffee vending machines that brew premium speciality coffee by the cup. Our Cafe Quality Coffee Is Ready In Seconds. We carry coffee from popular brands like Espresso Vivo & Vittoria Coffee. Flavours & styles from strong to bitter & natural blends to sweet & fruity aromas or even rich stronger nutty blends.
Our coffee machines also have the option to produce Chai Latte & Hot Chocolate.

Payless Technology

VendaTreat is here to always help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing products through our vending machines.

We offers the convenience of Credit Card facilities on our vending machines, so you can insert, swipe or wave your Credit or Debit Card quickly & easily.

Don't wait! Get a vending machine now.

In the rare event of a vending machine fault, we guarantee that we'll attend to your site within 24 hours.

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